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Get Your Vitamin C with La Roche Posay

We love working with beauty brands and even better when it means we get to work with the amazing Elsie of E.M.Y.P.
Creating a beautiful breakfast set up for La Roche Posay at the fabulous Kimpton Fitzroy Palm Court Brasserie. The space featured a charming indoor terrace with olive trees, where we added a few orange details to give it an orange grove feel.
The brief was to create a chic and impactful breakfast table, with orange accents, highlighting the brand's new orange oil, packed with Vitamin C.
We dressed the space with delicate, single orange blossom stems down the centre of the table, entwined orange blossom stems and mini orange plants on the chandeliers above and four large orange trees to surround the dining table. It was like being in A beautiful Mediterranean orange grove.
A beautiful detail addition from Elise was silk orange scrunchies doubling as napkin holders, which guests could then take away with them.
Thank you to Philippa Sian Photography for the imagery 
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