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Botanical Beauty For Kiehls


We simply loved installing this amazing event for a new Kiehls herbal skincare product launch working with the wonderful Elise

Dressing for a dinner and overnight stay at the wonderful The Curtain Hotel, it was all about the greens for Kiehls!

The event was to launch a new CBD oil highlighting the soothing and calming properties- Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil and Green Oregano Oil,  which help to balance hydration and relieve the feeling of stressed skin.

Inspired by the key ingredient and colours of the Cannabis Sativa Seed oil herbal concentrate we created a stylised table centre of miniature herb garden glass terrariums which ran the length of the table, with trailing foliage running over the edges of the terrariums and all across the table top. Industrial, scientific tube vases gave the table an added modern look. Additional styling included leaf shaped plates and yellow glassware added a scientific, apothecary and chic nod to the tables cape. Each guest received a herbal calming bundle featuring the Midnight Recovery and Daily Reviving concentrate, tied with a navy bow as a place card.

Trailing greenery over the door at the top of the steps with a Kiehls signage backdrop welcomed guests to the dinner.

After dinner, guests were treated to an overnight stay at the hotel, where green foliage was displayed across the headboard.

Botanical beauty for Kiehls!





Thank you to Philippa Sian Photography for the imagery! 



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