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How Pinteresting!


This morning, All for Love launched their Pinterest Page to the virtual world.

It's been a busy first summer of delivering luxury flowers in London and its been hard to find the time to get aboard the Pinterest train before now. If I'm honest, I wasn't really sure what to do with Pinterest for a while. We are of course, on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with all social media sites being updated regularly with behind the scenes snapshots of flowery fun but Pinterest was one that we left out initially....to our sins! It has now replaced Instagram as being my favourite social media platform. I have become totally addicted in this past week!  

There is something so satisfying about curating your very own little inspiration boards. It's like a virtual cork board.. and much cleaner than the traditional moodboards, too! My normal collating of images would involve me ripping out ideas that I liked in magazines, or wherever I may come across them, and throwing them up all around my desk in whatever fashion they happened to fall. This is a much more ordered way of categorising new ideas and seeing various colours, themes, textures, concepts, stylings, all at once and its much more shareable and nicer to present to a client too than my cluttered desk! Stay tuned for more pins, including All for Love's own work, which will be up there shortly. Get pinning, people! x 


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