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Gypsophila, abbreviated often to ‘Gyp’, or more commonly known, by the cutesie name, ‘Baby’s Breath’ is one of those flowers that unfortunately, has had a bad press over the last few years, and yet, it has made a great comeback and is now a super popular wedding flower choice. The Vintage trend has worked wonders for it!!

Gyp, en masse makes beautiful, relaxed arrangements that are romantic and whimsical, but also affordable. Whether it is tied on its own in bundles, wrapped in lace ribbon for bouquets, suspended from the ceiling in a large, cloud-like ball, or packed into old jam jars and hung down church aisles, the presence of Gyp at a wedding can be sensational and create a fairy-tale like feel. This Summer, we are really looking forward to providing the wedding flowers for a beautiful couple in the historic town of Lancaster and there is definitely going to be a lot of Gyp around!! Teamed with candles, lace and fairy lights, its going to be dreamy and oh so boho chic!! xx

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