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When I was a little girl, I remember sitting for hours in break and lunch times, collecting the best Daisies in the field and sitting cross legged on the grass, linking them all up into flower crowns, necklaces, bracelets, rings...anything I could possibly wear! I would wear them home from school and I remember announcing proudly to my Grandparents that “when I get married, I will have Daisies at my wedding”. I think I was about four. 

It’s funny how things stick with you. People are always asking me what my favourite flower is and, as every florist knows, its an impossible question to answer. You start by asking what season, to try and narrow it down to perhaps four favorite flowers, or even by colour. “My favourite pink flower is the Coral Charm Peony”, for example. “My favourite blue flower is the Blue Bee Delphinium”; “My favourite Christmas flower is the cut Rose Hellibore”...and so on and so on. I tend to sound like Bruce Forsyth...telling every flower they are my favourite! 

I also always feel the pressure to say something wildly exotic and unusual-- a specific Ecuadorian Garden Rose or a rare, patterned Parrot Tulip. For some reason, I am nervous to say what my *actual* favourite flower is, for fear of it being too humble, too ordinary, too commonplace and yet deep down, I know that I am still loyal to the little Daisy I met in my childhood fields and one day, I will have them at my wedding. 


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