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National Tulip Day 2014


With today being ‘National Tulip Day’ in Holland, it seems only right to dedicate today’s blog post to the wonderful and ever-beautiful, humble tulip. Tulips come in almost every colour imaginable- from the darkest of dark purples, to bright yellows and oranges right through to subtle pastel pinks, lemons and whites. And then of course, there are the frilly ones, the parrot ones, the double ones and so on! There is most definitely a tulip for everyone. To celebrate the famous Dutch tulips, the local growers now hold a day of homage to them in the centre of Amsterdam. They create a specially constructed ‘Picking Garden’, in the well known Dam Square, where people are all invited to come and pick their very own Spring token and take a tulip of their choice home. This year, an expected 10,000 plus are due to turn out to collect their flower. What a lovely tradition and a great way to welcome back the tulip into our lives and vases!


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