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We love it when we get a brief for something a little out of the ordinary, and for this one we decided to go big... and what's bigger than the entire world?!

Hilton Bankside were hosting the Master Innholders Annual Conference focusing on innovation and future thinking so we created an eye-catching arrangement at the front of the hotel to celebrate sustainability and protecting the climate.

The suspended purple globe made quite an impact outside. Weaved around the structure was fresh ivy; some strands had been lightly coloured blue to give added texture for the effect of the sea. The blue lighting created a shimmer when hitting the outline of the land and gave the world standout.

The Bankside letters were carefully created from a soft, fresh green carpet moss to give a crisp but natural finish. The letters were individually illuminated around the outside, little sparkles when night fell!

We continued the theme inside the hotel lobby, using fresh foliage, meadow flowers, and delicately decorated moss globes. 

We created two meadow displays in the hotel lobby; using fresh foliage, white, yellow and green flowers, and some fun mannequin legs for an unusual and eye-catching feature.

The globes were crafted from green carpet moss with the bright green fluffy moss to outline different land masses, (a test of our geography and creative skills to replicate!) and a beautiful, natural look.

We used a variety of moss to enhance the texture and also small butterfly details for a pretty touch and spring meadow feel. Eucalyptus, ferns, ivy, and an array of soft yellow and white flowers created a full and appealing display. A fun, quirky and interesting project to work on!

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