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Tropical pinks and greens with Radox


We channeled our inner flamingoes at Another Space last week for Radox! We created a tropical pink and green setting for Radox flamingo yoga session! 

We used a mix of tropical flowers and foliage to create an eye-catching reception area; orchids, roses, peonies, bright pink hydrangea and tropical leaves, banana, monstera and palms!

Radox is one of our faves and their products are always natural and fruit derived... so we always love to add lots of tropical fruit and fragrances. Pineapples, (mini pink pineapples too!), lychees, watermelons, limes and incredible dragonfruit were clustered around the base of the arrangements and throughout the gym!

Thanks to the team and Piers Macdonald for photographs, http://piersmacdonald.photoshelter.com/index xx

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