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Shiseido's Latest Skincare Launch


It's always a joy when you receive a brief that's a little bit different and requires not the normal flower order.

Last week, we worked with the fab team over at SEEN to bring to life their client, Shiseido's, new skincare collection, WASO. A trendy range designed specifically for millennials, with lots of cool ingredients.

Our large, Japanese tree installation designed with the SEEN team, just about fitted in the lovely townhouse at 19 Greek Street. The tree was a tall Silver Birch with Birch poles, and underplanting of ferns, moss and mushrooms.

We used fluffy green hydrangea, soft asparagus fern, several kinds of moss and lush birch to create texture. The little pops of orange are fruits called Loquats... and are one of the key ingredients in the new range!

And then there was our pathway of giant mushrooms... believe it or not one of Shiseido's latest #waso skincare products has jelly mushrooms in, which are meant to be amazing for the skin!  We created a mixture of small and large mushrooms with natural green moss and a variety of ferns and foliage dressing around the bases to add visual interest.

Such fun bringing to life amazing ideas with our fave SEEN team. Always a pleasure and an honour to work together and create the magic! 

Thank you to all the team and fab photographer Gyan Gurung x

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