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Peachy Prettiness For Avene


March was a busy month filled of gorgeous beauty press launches, and this one for Avene was filled with flowers -  our favourite kind!

Working with the fab team at SEEN, this lovely one for Avene's new skincare range, was filled with peachy prettiness, held at Bea's of Bloomsbury.

The table set ups styled by the super talented Elise, featured peach slabs of Himalayan rock salt, peach sugar crystals and of course peach roses - stunning!

Then pretty peach blossom, roses and tulips for Avene's product display....

Framing a gorgeous scenic print of the south of France with some beautiful peachy roses, stocks, lisianthus and parrot tulips! The perfect photo opportunity for Avene’s press guests and a lovely way to make the print pop and come alive!

A close up of our French fresco using warm shades of mixed peach and coral tones coupled with olive foliage to create a southern, French atmosphere for Avene’s new suncream and skincare range.

We learnt two new roses whilst creating this pretty job for Avene! On the hunt for unusual, peach roses we discovered Shimmer and Khala roses- both so beautiful! Their petals are slightly crinkled on the edges and they have very frilly centres which are almost Garden Rose like or Peony-esque. We love using different, unusual rose varieties in the designs. It makes them so much more interesting and beautiful!

Finishing up outside the cafe, the flowers continued, draping over the door and featuring on the tables and under the umbrellas....

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