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Harper's Bazaar 150th Party at The Ritz


What a dream job for us! Celebrating a magazine milestone in style! 

The most sumptuous setting for a glamorous soiree; celebrity guests gathered at William Kent house at The Ritz to honour Harper's Bazaar's 150th anniversary.  

The Music Room was an Old Masters delight; rich colours, beautiful bright pink peonies, soft two tone chrysanthemums, falling plums and grapes as if just fallen off the tree. 

Beautiful hallway filled was candles was an eye-catching feature as guest passed through William of Kent house. 

A flowered candelabra was the feature on the speakers stage, highlighted in the light from wonderful windows over looking Green Park. Purple hydrangea, rich calla lilies and clematis spilled from the candelabra, with more fruit, pomegranates, grapes and pears. 

Caravaggio inspired table dressing, plums, pearls, apples, grapes, figs, pomegranates; fruit and flowers are a perfect combo. 

Then one of the most stunning rooms to dress in our opinion! Stunning red and gold ceiling, what an opulent setting! 

Big thanks to the whole team, Harper's Bazaar, Hearst ladies and Amy O'Boyle for wonderful pictures, www.wookiephotography.com.

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