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'East Meets West' - Asian Art at Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour



All For Love were delighted to be commissioned by the Design Centre Chelsea to create a life size paper elephant sculpture for Asian Art in London.

The East Meets West is an exhibition on the influence, culture and creativity of Asian art and runs from 2-11 November. The exhibition is a participant in Asian Art in London, a globally recognised event that promotes Asian art across the capital.

The Design Centre, Chelsea Harbour, is the world’s premier destination for design excellence and is the perfect backdrop for such a stunning exhibition. 

Together with the Design Centre All For Love selected seven different Asian inspired papers and one western one to coincide with the East Meets West theme of the exhibition. The papers range from beautiful Asian scenery to more subtle, abstract detailing and even beautiful oriental hand bags.

On the whole, we wanted the piece to come across as a 'red' elephant - the Asian colour for good luck! With this in mind, we predominately chose a blend of red papers, be it the foreground or the background of the paper that is red – it’s been fascinating to see red detailing in paler papers jump out as we place more solid blocks of colour alongside them. Made entirely out of paper, our elephant is grounded on a paper plinth, with a paper vase on her back - again a symbol of good luck - and of course, with a beautiful collection of giant paper flowers and leaves to complete the ensemble. We even used the traditional Asian, creative influences of origami to create our oversized, paper flowers! 

It’s been wonderful to work with a new medium - especially enjoyable was discovering the many properties of the wallpaper and how we could use its textures, wrinkles and folds to best effect when creating the sculpture. Look out especially for her wrinkly trunk and tassel tail! All For Love are proudly donating the profits of this project to their beloved Elephant Family Charity, dedicated to protecting the Asian elephants and their habitat. 

Be sure to pre-register for the exhibition here:


 Thank you to our photographer Gyan Gurung http://www.gyangurung.com

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