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Boadicea the Victorious Perfume Launch


This week we transformed a wonderful brief into reality. Working with Boadicea the Victorious, we created three super-sized perfume bottles made entirely from flowers and natural materials to celebrate the launch of a new range of fragrances.

The luxury perfume launch was held at The Dorchester with a brief of British, Strong, Unstructured, Wild!

We had one large bottle at 5ft and two others at 3ft which really made an impact.

The smaller two bottles were placed on perspex plinths at the stair entrance in a rugged, wild British style using a mix of flowery ingredients from the perfume, with the bottles' structure then covered completely with flower, with a few peaking through the beautiful acrylic gold shield plaques on either side of the bottle. We then dressed the inside of two clear perspex plinths with a similar flower mix to the bottles growing wild up inside the plinths either sides of the stair case.

The larger bottle was dressed and styled in a rugged, wild British fashion using a mix of flowery ingredients from the perfume, and again the bottle's structure was covered completely with flowers.

The round perspex table was used with four sections to represent each of the main four scents - musk, citrus, rose and wood. 

What a wonderful and glamorous way to celebrate these beautiful British perfumes!

To finish the room, we dressed the footed base of each tall fragrance pod with relevant flowers and decoration to suit each station, adding interest and texture to the back of each section so as guests walked round there is visual interest from every point.

Thank you to our photographer Gyan Gurung http://www.gyangurung.com

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