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Behind The Scenes At Chelsea in Bloom

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As we look back on the most amazing week, here's how our Chelsea in Bloom Floral Safari came together...

Each one started from observing animals in the wild whether via the internet or wildlife programmes, followed by a sketch of how we thought the animals could look.

These ideas and sketches were then brought to life by wire structures which we then dressed individually with carefully selected natural materials that were chosen specifically for the life like qualities they would give each animal. The animals were completed in our studio prior to set up over a two week period using a total of 10 florists and over 20,000 cable ties for the project!

All animals were installed simultaneously in one day and their environments and habitats all dressed off on site to give the finishing touches. 

Thanks Team x

Photography Credits:

Heledd Roberts Photography http://heleddroberts.co.uk https://www.instagram.com/heleddrobertsphoto/

Amy O'Boyle http://www.wookiephotography.com

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