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Grandad's Sweet Peas


The humble English garden Sweet Pea, has to be one of the people’s favourite flower choices, doesn’t it?! Just the mere mention of it seems to conjure up so many childhood memories for so many people. The scent... growing them with Grandad...picking them as children...stuffing them in jam jars....and so on, and so on! 

My earliest memory of them is of course, also Grandad related! I remember he used to grow them from seed in his garden, just by his greenhouse, where he had a whole special little ‘Sweet Pea’ area. He would walk me round there with such pride, telling me the name of each one, covering them with green netting to protect them, making sure they climbed up the structure he had built...  As soon as he had enough to make a bunch, he would pick them and wrap them in a little bit of damp kitchen roll and bring them round to my mum and I on his next visit. I always felt so special as an eight year old with flowers on my bedroom windowsill and it became a sort of annual tradition - Grandad’s Sweet Peas marked the start of Summer!

It’s funny how memories are so associated with flowers-- I can’t smell a sweet pea without thinking back to those happy moments. It’s no surprise then, that when coming up with some new online summer bouquets for delivery, I wanted to make a whole bouquet dedicated to the gorgeous Sweet Peas. If Grandad were still here, I reckon he would have been my first customer for this one! 

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