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Almost every bride, when they first come for their floral consultation explains that they love peonies and they would like them to feature in their wedding flowers. Of course, my first question is, "When are you getting married?" to make sure that the flowers are available, as they only appear for a very short period each year between the months of May to July. As a flower, the peony is delicate, soft and romantic-- everything a bridal flower should be! 

Their many shades gives them a wonderful colour palette that fits in with so many wedding themes and colour schemes, making them a florists dream! From the pale pink Sarah Bernhardt peony, to the zingier Coral Charm one, there really is one for every bridal look. Last year, my favourite was the Lemon Chiffon peony...I still can't get over its beauty! Team with cream garden roses, white hydrangea, buttery spray roses and fresh, lime green foliage for a truly wonderful, Summery arrangement.  

Check out this wonderful glossary below, compiled by the inspiring florist and wedding planner, Martha Stewart. It is a great quick, yet thorough guide to this most popular of early summer flowers. Enjoy! xx

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