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It has long been tradition for the Groom and other significant men at a wedding to wear a mini flower arrangement, known in the industry, as a ‘buttonhole’, on their suit lapel. These small tokens are often a last minute kind of thing, or something that is tagged on with not too much thought, to the end of the ‘Wedding Flowers’ order.  EEk is all I can say to that! 

Tread with caution on this one, as, the Groom and his men are likely to be in most of the wedding photos and the last thing you want is them all looking slightly out of place with buttonholes that don’t really match the rest of the theme or decor. There are so many beautiful designs, from the very simple to the more intricate so get ‘googling’ or looking on Pinterest for ones that you like. 

For a start, the buttonholes should complement the bridal flowers, as well as the mens’ waistcoats and ties, so make sure that you talk about colours beforehand, so as to avoid any last minute clashes on the day. I would also discuss flower types with your florist, just to make sure that you have selected flowers that are sturdy enough to cope without water for the whole day. It’s also worth asking if they will be providing you with pins to fasten them to your suits. The likelihood is they will, but it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

On the day, men, make sure you help each other to attach them-- or get a lady friend to help! Typically, you poke the stalk through the front of the buttonhole and pin from the back, so just the flower is showing on the lapel. This can be a bit fiddly so watch those fingers! Also, make sure that the flowers are pinned to the left hand side, especially in the case of the Groom. These little arrangements symbolise love and fidelity and should be worn just above the heart. Awwww! 


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