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Sheseido: Feel the Lift


Last week started off with us defying gravity with Sheseido. Launching their new range of skincare products, which are all about being lightweight and feeling the lift with a special new formula they have discovered, we set out with plenty of fishing wire, ceiling hooks and a drill, or two! The concept behind the entire launch was to make everything light, airy, floating and weightless...so everything was hung and dangling at different heights from the ceiling. 

We made a hanging terrarium installation of Oriental, Japanese plants and Rosemary (the new product's key ingredient) in all different sized orbs and pear shapes and hung them all from the ceiling, mingling in the three new products in between. 

Clouds were projected on the walls, and hanging night lights with candles in led the way into the space to the product displays. A hanging paper sculpture added to the airy, Japanese feel and the Virtual Reality Glasses were a touch of 2016 cool too! 

All in all, a fab, fun, and beautifully designed event! 



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