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Quite often people only ever really see the final flowery product at an event or wedding. Unless they are the client, other people rarely ever see all the behind the scenes work that goes into each and every design we create. 

At All for Love, we pride ourselves on delivering bespoke sketches and drawings to our clients to fully illustrate our ideas and concepts - bringing it to life for them before their event. This process is time consuming but it is one of the parts that I love most about the whole consultation and planning process. It also really helps me to consolidate in my mind what I am making before I do...it also helps my team of florists too when I'm explaining what we have to make!  

For the first time, I am starting to share my sketches with the world, rather than just my clients- most are rough around the edges and have tea spilt on them...but its all part of the rawness of this stage of the design process. I hope you like them! 

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