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I can hardly believe we are racing towards summer in just a matter of weeks. Where has the time gone? Although, I have to say I am very excited for the season! Flower-wise, it is just a florist’s dream. Pretty much everything is in season – the flower markets are like giant sweet shops, bursting with delicious, perfumed blooms of all sizes and colours.

You can get Peonies the size of saucers, Hydrangeas the size of footballs, Delphiniums that stretch to the sky, Garden Roses that are just the frilliest and most beautiful things you have ever seen, not to mention the marvellous array of scented Sweet Peas in all their glorious colours. So, a huge congrats if you decided to set your wedding date in June! Not only are the flowers available in almost limitless quantities, but the weather is looking likely to be balmy and warm too.

A summer wedding lends itself to using pops of bright colour in the theme – much more so than a winter wedding, which is often more monochrome or muted in decor, so go on, embrace it! If coral is your thing, check out the beautiful ‘Coral Charm’ Peony– it will blow your mind! Team with yellows and pinks for a truly zingy look, or tone it down with more pastel, dusky pinks and seasonal foliage. Either way, this gorgeous flower is always a show stopper and should definitely be centre stage if you love the coral look. Lemon and cream are also another great, summer combo as are the candy floss colours…so get out your colour wheel and let your imagination go wild!

Price-wise, you are in luck too, as with so many flowers being in season naturally (and not grown in a greenhouse in Ecuador in winter) they are more reasonable and affordable, meaning that you get more beauty for your money. A top tip to keep the costs down even further would be to go for the home-grown flowers. Another popular summer wedding theme, is the relaxed, meadow look, which again is great in June. What with Nigella, Cornflowers, Cammomile, Scabiosa, Cosmos, Forget-me-nots, Queen Anne’s Lace, Lavender and so on and so on all in bloom, you can create a beautiful English, countryside look at a bargain price. Pack them in old jam jars, Kilner jars, paint pots, tin cans, tea pots and Wellington boots for that truly rustic, higgledy piggledy, and oh so beautiful feel.

Sending loads of luck and love to all of the brides getting married this June! xx

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