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In Full Spring...


Those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter will know already that I have developed a new and very intense relationship with Spring this year. It happens every year but this year I am even more besotted than normal...perhaps because it follows the wettest winter on record. Somehow, a simple walk in the Spring-time and everything seems possible. New life is all around us. Our gardens are bursting with new buds, new green shoots, new leaves on the trees-- all new promises of even more beauty to follow come the Summer. 

The Tulips are out, the Daffodils are still blooming and so are the Crocuses. The Wisteria has again climbed the front of London's houses and is beginning to show its beautiful violet-blue flowers. The Cherry Blossom seems to dress every London road in a wash of creamy pink and white, while the Forsythia paints garden hedges sunshine yellow. The Camellias in Chiswick have been delightful and now, they petal the pavements like wedding confetti. The sun is no longer a stranger and we no longer need our Ugg boots to pop out and buy milk. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in full Spring! Enjoy every second of it! 

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