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British Summer Time


So, I know it feels like an age ago since we were tricked into thinking Summer had come early-- but the good news is, it is actually, like-for-real, on the way. This Sunday the clocks change and we officially enter into the great British Summer Time. Cue wearing shorts too early, too much sunburn, premature BBQ's and maybe even a flowery ice lolly or two...? Ok, so this might be one to save until it really is warmer but it's so fun and effective that I won't blame you for trying it sooner. Just get yourself some ice lolly moulds-- you will definitely find them at a pound store! Fill with water (you can flavour it if you like with squash or fruit juice). Then, the magic part, simply drop a sprinkling of colourful, edible flowers and petals into the water, seal with the lolly handles and place in the freezer. When the sun gets hot enough and the evenings are balmy enough, go get one and be the envy of your family and friends, as you have both the prettiest and tastiest ice lolly imaginable. And it was home made too. Win win! xx


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