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"I'll Cover You in Flowers Someday" ... Lurlene Mc. Daniel


Sympathy flowers are always a sensitive subject, but also perhaps the most beautiful And definitely the most meaningful. For me, it is a time when flowers shine the brightest and mean the most. When there are no words that can be found, a beautiful wreath, or spray or even a single rose, silently says everything you always wanted to. They may be the only thing to bring a smile to the grieving family when it comes to say goodbye. They provide comfort, a glimmer of hope and brightness that joy may return and that the future still has lots to live for. 


I was recently asked to make a coffin spray and set about to make it as beautiful as possible. Instead of the traditional white sympathy flowers, the family opted for the reassuring warmth of reds and pinks as a fitting tribute to their loved one. I used a mixture of various red roses, including Red Piano, Naomi And Grand Prix and for the pinks, Pink Piano, Cheerio, and my obvious favourite, 'All for Love'.  The roses were combined with burgundy Astrantia, red flowering eucalyptus and soft grey eucalyptus foliage. I really hope that this lovely mix provided some comfort to the family on their difficult day. 

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