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A Stroll in the Park


Today's blog post is being written from the dry half of a damp bench in Regent's Park. I've been out and about all morning running errands and just found myself with a little half an hour or so of spare time...what luxury!! 

I haven't been to Regent's Park in months and even then I didn't really see much of it, as it was all covered up for The Freize Art Fair. I never realised how beautiful it was! Today, the sun is shining, the January blossom is flowering and if it wasn't for the trees still having no leaves and a slight nip in the air, i'd say today was a lovely, Spring day. What a refreshing change from all of that rain! I have even spotted my all time fav. foliage, 'Solecio', growing wild in the flower beds, which made me smile even wider than usual. 

I wouldn't quite say "Spring has Sprung" but there is certainly some comfort to be had knowing it is firmly on it's way. 

A prize to the first person who spies a snowdrop! 


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